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Diabetes: What You Need to Know

By Caron Nelson Glickman Recently, a longtime patient of mine, 40-something year old Duvall business owner, who is otherwise quite healthy, eats well, exercises regularly, is not overweight, has no family history of diabetes, suddenly developed diabetes. She wasn’t feeling well, but she’s a busy woman, so she waited awhile before heading to her doctor’s…
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Diabetes and Your Oral Health

By Caron Nelson Glickman Last time I discussed basic information about diabetes, including the distinction between type 1 and 2 diabetes. There are 2 other subgroups, as well. Gestational diabetes only affects pregnant women, and the problem usually corrects itself after delivery. Pre-diabetes occurs when a person’s blood glucose level is higher than normal, but…
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Meth Mouth

By Caron Nelson Glickman Until fairly recently, it was not easy to tell that a person was a drug abuser by looking at their teeth. That has changed with the rise in use of methamphetamine (or meth) in the last decade in the US.  I’m personally amazed at the increase in the meth-destroyed mouths I’ve…
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Good Nutrition is Important for Your Oral Health

By Caron Nelson Glickman Everyone knows that good nutrition is crucial for overall health and well being. And we also know that children, whose teeth are forming, need many vitamins and minerals (like calcium) to help with the proper development of their teeth and surrounding bone. What we might not know is that good nutrition…
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