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What ever your dental Smile needs may be, Dr. Glickman will be able to assess and plan the best methods to give you the smile of your dreams. Dr. Glickman offers more than just general dental services like cleaning, x-rays, tooth-colored fillings, or porcelain crowns. We believe and practice integrative cosmetic dentistry; which means a therapy or treatment other than dental may be recommended and combined with your quest for true dental health. Dr. Caron will provide you with knowledgeable, honest advice for you to attain and preserve a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime.

A great smile starts with great oral hygiene! Dentistry in Duvall, WA by Great-Smile Cosmetic Dental Spa.

Dr. Glickman is able to coordinate your treatments with other specialists and experts of oral surgery, orthodontics or special prosthetics. It doesn't have to be dental - any health treatment or therapy that will in any way affect your smile can be explored; it is the concept of integrative cosmetic dentistry . Integrative dentistry takes a broader look at your “whole body health” relationship to specific details involved within the intricacies of a smile makeover.

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