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Direct bonding is a more rapid cosmetic solution that improves the appearance of stained, gapped, chipped or unaligned teeth.  "The color of the bonding material is carefully matched to your other teeth to ensure a truly natural appearance".  Direct bonding provides a cosmetic solution that will last for several years.

DIRECT CHAIR SIDE COMPOSITE RESIN VENEERS (NOT PORCELAIN!) In some cases we use the gum lift, orthodontics, and Resin Veneers made up of layers of material called Resin Composite Bonding for excellent tooth like matching. The composite layers are molded and shaped for the patient's teeth directly in their mouth. See the Veneers tab


Dr. Caron can shape and create the veneers directly in the patient's mouth.  Cosmetic bonding - layered, shaped (micro & macro anatomy + surface texture) - then polished.  Beautiful.

Custom Veneers are absolutely beautiful and they fix many issues like gaps or chipped teeth.  Detailed information at: Great Smiles Health Report - click on Veneers for clarification and description