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Chips and Spaces

What can be done to fix a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth can ruin an otherwise pleasing smile.  Clients with a large chip, who prefer a permanent solution would choose a porcelain veneer or crown, carefully fitted and color-matched to all adjoining teeth.  If the chip is small a quicker - less permanent solution is dental bonding, which can be used.  Either procedure will make your smile appear healthy in one day. More info about Veneers


What about gaps or spaces between teeth?

Gaps between teeth are a common problem.  "Often, teeth are simply too small or narrow for your mouth".  The most beautiful and permanent solution is to affix porcelain veneers to all front teeth.  A more economical solution is to perform cosmetic bonding to all the front teeth, uniformly widening the teeth.   See the Veneers tab

Cosmetic Contouring

Contouring of your teeth and/or gum line are simple procedures that can lead to an improved smile.  Smaller teeth can become larger looking and longer or larger teeth can be shaped in proportion with the others in your smile.

Custom Veneers are absolutely beautiful and they fix many issues like gaps or chipped teeth.  Detailed information at: Great Smiles Health Report - click on Veneers for clarification and description