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I started seeing Dr. Glickman a few years ago to see if she could help me get my mouth healthier and get over my fear of even getting my teeth cleaned. My first experience was so warm, welcoming, and comforting. We spent an hour just going through my medical and dental history and talking about why I had anxiety. I left with clean teeth and a plan for making changes to my daily brushing and habits that I could live with including actually wearing a well fit night guard that I refused to wear before. Here we are three years later and not only have Dr. Glickman and her staff helped me but they have guided me through changes for my three children. From getting my teenager to actually brush and floss and care enough I finally agreed to pay for braces to helping my little boys who are now 6 and 7 use healthier toothpaste, flossing, rinse, and now sonicare toothbrushes that have their pediatric dentist so happy with the way their teeth look when they go in for cleanings. She is on top of the best cutting edge dentistry with a philosophy of treatment that puts prevention first. She will take the tine to get to know you and your medical and dental history to really understand where you are and what your goals are for your oral health in the future. I can't wait until my boys are old enough to see her along with the rest of us.

~ Jennifer