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Smile Makeover

In addition to an amazingly beautiful smile, the results of a smile makeover may greatly enhance your self confidence, improve your body language, and elevate attention within your circle of influence. 


Cavities are the de-mineralized areas—or holes, that form as a result of a bacterial infection on your teeth. 

Gum Disease

Exciting, revolutionary Non Surgical advances have been made to the modern dentists approach to Periodontal Disease. 

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We have come a long way baby! I have struggled with anxiety when it came to my dental work since childhood.... very nervous! Since I have been with Caron (for 8+ years) I dont worry at all anymore! The care and the work that I have recieved is fabulous- My smile is beautiful! Thank you Caron and Staff!
My old dentist (typical drillem & fillem), scheduled me for $8K Periodontal gum surgery (flap surgery), also said surgery was not the cure. I searched the Internet to find Dr. Caron Glickman and Barbara Tritz using a revolutionary non-surgical alternative to cure gingivitis. It Worked! And saved me thousands of $$'s. My dentist is my new Hero. Thanks
NO pain, great responsive staff, and all the latest and greatest technology. Dr. Caron is a knowledgable professional who can take care of all dental and cosmetic needs. Worth the drive to Duvall!


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